The old style of eyebrow tattoo’s involve a block of colour to mimic how brows are filled in with makeup. Often the colours that were used were black to match black hair which faded to a green or bluish tinted colour. Then brown was used to look more natural. Now they’ve got it right, by drawing in each eyebrow hair eyebrow tattoo’s look incredibly natural, not like the blocks of eyebrows you might see on aunties.
There are 2 styles of 3D brow, one is machine drawn and one is hand drawn. Machine drawn is more uniform as it’s done by a machine and usually more parallel and cleaner. Hand drawn usually is less predictable which makes it look more natural, it also means its more dependent on the experience of your artist.
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Fact: They save you so much time each morning and you can swim with beautiful brows
The great thing about these tattoo’s brows is that you no longer need to fill in your brows every morning, and if you’re like me this is great because I end up with different brows every day! Also if you live in a humid climate and sweat a lot you no longer have to worry about your brows sweating away.
Fact: It takes about 2 hours to have your brows tattoo’d on
The whole process was incredibly easy, and not that painful. Depending on your pain threshold and the numbing cream applied it should just feel like a gentle scratching.
3D Eyebrow Tattoo                     $350
Eye Line                                       $300

Eyelash Extensions
Full Silk Lash         High Quality  silk Product     $120
                               Natural Longer Thicker
Full Mink Lash       100% Natural Mink Tail Lashes
                               Natural(like your hair)              $120
Remove                                                                    $40
Touch up
                        within 1 week                                   $40
                        within 2 week                                   $60
                        within 3 week                                   $80
Special Price
                        With Touch up      
                         within 3 weeks touch up(silk)                $180

Eyelash Extensions 
is a practice that enhances the length, thickness and fullness of natural eyelashes. The extensions may consist of silk, mink, or synthetic hair.
it likes your own lash ,very natural and longer&thicker,and can last 2-4weeks.You wake up charming every single morning and don't need make up.The fasionest beauty service ladys like.